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    Talk about LED high-power lamp bead design from the point of view of design, talk about LED high-power lamp bead lighting from the point of view of architecture, this may be the Angle that many engineers choose.

What if we want to go deeper? Is there any other Angle that would make us think?

Professor Hu Guojian's course has a new way. From the perspective of his research on visual perception, he talked about the lighting design of high-power LED lamp beads, and started with how light is accepted by the visual nerve and finally forms our emotions. He looked like a master of martial arts but mysterious.

"Strictly speaking, what we designed is not the illumination of the high-power LED beads, but the brightness of the high-power LED beads on different facades of each space."

We talk a lot about the degree of comfort of perception when we talk about lighting solutions, but that's just the surface of it, and to know why, you can't miss this course on visual perception research.

Too much knowledge hidden secrets, may let you suddenly see, suddenly understand.

Last time we talked about the standard value of LED high-power lamp illuminance is established according to the visual perception of utility, so this time we will look at those different LED high-power lamp illuminance values, will form what kind of relationship, for LED high-power lamp lighting design, why there is the existence of design "ethics"?

When people suddenly enter the dark place in the bright environment for a long time, they cannot see anything at first. After a certain time, their visual sensitivity gradually increases and they can gradually see the objects in the dark. This phenomenon is called the dark place.