LED lamp bead common eight problems

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1, LED color difference problem

Single LED application, basically there is no color difference problem, but if many LED put into use or a lamp at the same time with multiple LED, the color difference problem will be prominent. First say a group of lamps and lanterns, if the color of the light is not the same, I think the happy mood will play a discount. Although like LUXEON, LED is divided into eight military regions according to color temperature, and then divided into several small areas in each military region to control a large range of color difference to a certain extent, there are still differences in the same color area and a batch of LED, and this difference still cannot escape the provocation of the naked eye.

2, LED insulation problems

(The insulation here refers to the positive and negative poles of LED.) I can't say that we were the first to find the LED insulation problem, but at least the big manufacturers were surprised by our questioning. So far, the fundamental problem has not been solved, and only remedial measures have been taken, such as the use of aluminum substrates to deal with insulation (the original aluminum substrates did not do insulation, and now almost all do) may be considered incomprehensible. A single LED is not insulated, the impact is not big, there is a problem when many in series

3. LED anti-pulse problem

This problem is still controversial with manufacturers, but it does exist in my practical application. It is mainly reflected in cold pulse, namely, the moment of power on. A few LED will break down or disconnect at the moment of power on in cold state. I don't think it's static electricity or high voltage (starting voltage is within range).

4, LED light Angle problem

Because the LED lens packaging of various manufacturers is different, even if it is the same luminous Angle (nominal Angle), the effect is not the same, making the selection of condenser is more difficult, still can not be universal.