Side light patch LED installation tips

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When installing side luminous patch LED lamp beads, all operators who need to touch the LED lamp beads must wear a truly effective anti-static bracelet to prevent static electricity from penetrating the LED lamp beads. LED lamp bead welding normal requirement is two hundred and sixty degrees c + / - 3 degrees Celsius, the LED lamp bead welding time no more than two seconds, if it is a tin furnace, tin furnace temperature is below 275 degrees Celsius, the time of immersion tin no more than two seconds, for operator action is very proficient and accurate and no damage to ensure that the LED lamp bead.

1, be sure not to install LED under the condition of pin deformation

2. When installing LED on printed circuit board, the center distance of the hole on the circuit board should be the same as the center distance of the LED lamp foot. If the hole distance is larger, the lamp foot will have residual stress, and the resin part may be deformed when welding.

3. When the LED is inserted into the PCB board, the hole on the PCB board should match the size of the lamp foot to avoid being too large or too small;

4, it is recommended to use guide sleeve positioning when installing LED;

5, double pin each pin pad area is not less than 4.6 square mm;

6, each piranha solder pad area is not less than 9.2 square mm;

7. The area of each solder pad of SMD common single crystal bracket is no less than 3.9 square mm;

8, SMD three-in-one support each solder pad area is not less than 1.65 square mm;

9, other types of lamp according to the actual lamp structure to develop the size of the pad.