What factors do the heat dissipation of high-power LED street lamps mainly depend on?

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The heat dissipation of high-power LED street lamps still depends on several aspects:

1. Heat sink design of lamp body;

2. Heat conducting material and chip of lamp bead bracket;

3. Assembly process These are the reasons that affect heat dissipation

This question is very good. You are also a major problem in the current high-power LED lighting industry, especially the heat dissipation of high-power LED street lighting, which has always been a difficult problem. The heat dissipation of high-power LED lamps can not be simply said to be the problem of lamp beads or the design of lamps. This problem must be divided into two aspects:

1. High power LED beads themselves can be used as street lamps with the advantages of high production technology, good technical content and small light attenuation

2. The design of lamps is also very important, and these technologies need to be developed by professional technicians.

Heat dissipation is actually a systematic problem. The simplest way is to add heat sink in the lamp body;

At present, a major technical problem of LED street lamp products is the chip of LED lamp beads and the structure of lamp body itself. These aspects directly affect the stability and quality of LED lamp products. Poor heat dissipation is reflected in the increase of light attenuation and advance time of LED beads, and the shortening of the service life of internal components of LED power source, resulting in easy damage to the driving power supply. At present, there are many manufacturers of lamp beads, lamps and driving power supply in China, but it depends on the designer's product design to better solve these two or three problems and determine the quality and service life of the product.

At present, the high-power LED beads and chips with good quality are generally imported from abroad. Our domestic high-power LED bead manufacturers usually further process the chips of different brand manufacturers. Of course, the production technology of LED chips needs to be improved in terms of cost and heat dissipation, so as to be more conducive to the further development of LED industry. However, led bead manufacturers are currently solving the problems of the above chips, There is not much ability and help. Based on this, in the case of little change in the existing chips, the policy of congenitally deficient and then Tianbu is adopted, that is, when designing lamps, the manufacturers of lamps and lanterns should fully consider the heat dissipation of lamp beads. In this way, the lamp structures produced by different manufacturers have different service lives and different quality. In addition, all manufacturers are moving towards low-cost and low-price lamp schemes together, This has led to the worrying situation of LED products in the market.

On the other hand, LED driving power supply is also one of the main factors that directly and fatally affect the service life of the whole LED lamps. At present, most products in the LED power supply market pursue a situation of low price and no quality. As long as they can light the lamp, they can cope with the mood of guests to design the power supply, so as to get an order at a lower price. The psychology of this part of people will not think about any scheme to improve the product efficiency, so as to achieve products with high power factor pf > 95 or higher, and design the power supply with the goal of 90% or higher of the effective power of the product. Not many people are dedicated to the quality of the product, and whether the product can ensure the durability of the whole lamp for 50000 hours or more than 100000 hours. At present, there are few products whose light attenuation life can be less than 0.3-0.5% after 20000 hours, let alone products that can ensure less light attenuation within 50000 hours and 100000 hours. People all over the world are developing LED lamps for the correct route of more environmental protection, energy conservation and reducing heat emission. It is hoped that everyone will have a big goal of contributing to society and benefiting mankind on earth, and develop and make some products with high requirements, high quality, more environmental protection and energy conservation.